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Every WordPress site begins with the first post. Hello World, so let’s get started. 


Manifest Your Brilliance was a term inspired by a spiritual mastermind course that I took many years ago. I took the course shortly after I began working on the healing of my mind, body, heart and soul. I had spent most of my years focused on my marriage, on my children, my community, my family; everyone except myself. I fell into a deep depression that seemed like it appeared over night. 


The more I learned about myself, the healthier and more fulfilled I became. I decided to dedicate my life to Manifesting My Brilliance, to fully showing up and sharing my gifts and talents with the world. 


Sharing has always been the easy part, as I later learned I was very codependent. I wanted to be liked by everyone , and was afraid of saying no. But showing up on the other hand, was very difficult at first. 


Manifest Your Brilliance is dedicated to all the Muslim Women Entrepreneurs, Creators and Influencers in the world, struggling to balance life and work, struggling to carve out time for themselves, their goals and priorities because they tend to put everyone else first.


Here at Manifest Your Brilliance, you will find, work and life expert insights, best practices, tips, tricks, news , reviews, how to’s , tools and resources that I curate to educate myself and share with others. 


Inshallah, the blog brings value to your life and your life’s work. 


Warm Regards,



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