A’isha Abdul Rahman

Creator & Curator
of African Culture & Heritage

Hey, my name is Aisha Abdul Rahman, also known as Aisha LaDon here on the world wide web. Owner of Legacy Designs Studio, founder of Legacy Lab IO. I am an Independent Art Curator, passionate about African culture and heritage.

20 years ago I began my journey of ancestry and genealogical research. I took a DNA test at Ancestry.com and learned that the majority of my DNA matches with Africans in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Fast forward to 2018, I completed my Library Science and Information Technology certification due to my love of books. I wanted to retire my web design company ( after 20 years) and find something new to work on for the second half of my life. What I learned about Library Science is that it is so much more than just checking out books and that it includes curating and cataloging all types of media including art and various type of new media.

I decided that I would continue my degree and focus on Art Curation, but struggled to choose a medium or time period to focus on. When the BLM protests erupted in the United States, I felt very stuck. While others in this country always have a home they can go to if all hell breaks loose; Africans in the diaspora don’t tend to have that luxury.

I took my African Ancestry test to find out exactly what tribe my ancestors are from, and where my history truly begins. ( results still pending, Igbo is my hypothesis) Doing as much research as I could online, with plans to book a flight to Africa after the borders had opened. I fell deeply in love with the continent of Africa and decided that I could spend the rest of my life learning, researching, and sharing with others all there is to know about the art, culture, and heritage of Africa and its people.

Welcome to Manifest Your Brilliance. What started out as a podcast of me interviewing creative, Muslim Women entrepreneurs from around the globe is now a movement that highlights, motivates, inspires, and empowers all African’s on the continent and in the diaspora to fully show up and share their gifts and talents with the world.

Here on the blog, I will continue to share episodes from the podcast, but I will also document the various creative aspects of Africa that I learn and experience along my journey.

Life is good, have a blessed day!

Your sis,

A’isha La’Don Abdul Rahman